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FIFA 15 - Ultimate Team Hack - PC (UPDATED VERSION)

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Hello! This is an hack for ultimate team, for PC version.

Use this at your OWN risk!!
I'm not resposible if you get banned for this, it's a low chance because EA Servers are SHIT

This hack is not made by me, and that's why all credits goes to:
- Ahmed Hunter



Virusscan Jotti:

This file is false positive, because it's made with Cheat Engine.

BTW: This hack has made me from division 7 to 1, with alot of coins

I hope you enjoy this trainer !

Picture of the hack:

1. Open the program as administrator, and be sure your virusscanner won't delete the file
Because it's made with Cheat Engine.
2. It doesn't really matter where or whenever you open the hack, you can open the hack firstly before the game starts, or after the game starts.
3. Enjoy the hack!

1. Q: Will you win automatically when you click on numpad 5?
A: Be sure you clicked numpad 7 or 9 after numpad 5
Because 7 = home and 9 = away.

2. Q: My virusscanner says it's a virus, is it false positive?
A: Ofcourse, almost every Cheat Engine hack is false positive.

3. Q: I can't extract my hack?
A: Be sure your virusscanner doesn't block the hack.

4. Q: After using the hack, can i play a normal legit game ?
A: No, you need to close the hack + restart your game
Otherwise end match will still continue, even if you turn end match (numpad 5) off.

This was all the questions you asked to me, so these are the answers!

Sometimes if you win some matches, there is gonna be an error on your screen says that you can't connect to EA Servers,
Answer: Reconnect to Ultimate Team and answer the question which is like 56+19.

- - - Updated - - -

This is actually not bannable, it's like 1 month now using this, i can almost afford messi or ronaldo, i have like 600/700k coins because of this


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